Ishwar Puri Ji

1“Dr. Ishwar Puri was born in Punjab, India on 26th November 1926. He attended Harvard University and after retiring from the Government Services of India (Chief Secretary of Punjab State, Economic Adviser to Indira Gandhi), he established citizenship in the United States. Here he founded Institute for the Study of Human Awareness (ISHA), which provides a venue by which he can carry on his work / Seva and follow the instructions of the Great Master as His devoted disciple. ISHA arranges his speaking engagements and the dissemination of educational materials.

Ishwar Ji travels all over the world giving spiritual Discourses. For more than forty years he has conducted lectures, workshops, and other events. His lectures and teachings have been recorded and transcribed into numerous books and other materials. Each of his many lecture presentations is founded upon his own unique experience and he expresses himself with humility and love as his guide. His broad range of lecture topics include Sant Mat teachings, science, art, religion, philosophy, human relations, education, health, human awareness, and consciousness.”

Acknowledgements & References-

  1. Above text on Ishwar Ji was written by a dear friend of mine (Thank you Pat).
  2. Extraordinary website on Ishwar Ji, made by a kind-hearted friend of mine (Thank you Arjun).
  3. Official Website can be found here.
  4. Facebook Group


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